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OxyFlo™ Pro

laser-Doppler tissue blood flow
●Uncompromised reliability in continuous tissue blood flow assessment
●Ideally suited to measurements of changing tissue blood flow in acute experimental models
●Enhanced productivity
Key Benefits
Perfusion by blood provides tissues with vital oxygen and nutrients, while removing waste products and distributing signaling molecules around the organism. The measurement of microvascular blood perfusion provides researchers with critical information in a number of research applications where blood supply has been disrupted.

Our blood flow monitors will be of interest therefore to life scientists wishing to directly and continuously measure local microvascular blood perfusion in in vivo models of ischemia-related disorders. Our OxyFlo™ devices are laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF) monitors intended for monitoring of relative microvascular blood flow in living tissues.
Most applications are concerned with monitoring the competence of regional (microvascular) blood supply in specialties such as:
Peripheral vascular disorders
Cerebral perfusion monitoring in models of stroke and brain injury (e.g. MCAO)
Tumour perfusion monitoring / angiogenesis
Blood supply in free flaps and pedicle flaps
Shock monitoring

Oxford Optronix Ltd. was founded when its current CEO pioneered the transition of the then nascent laser-Doppler flowmetry technology into a commercially viable product in the early 1990's. We remain a pioneer in the development of LDF technology and continue to set unrivalled standards of reliability, robustness and sensitivity, with the OxyFlo™ brand now well-established the world over in biomedical ischaemia research.

With the launch of OxyFlo™ Pro in 2013, our third-generation LDF platform, we blend contemporary design, plug and play convenience and touch-screen operation to provide one of the most advanced and reliable blood flow monitors on the market.

Intended use statement:
OxyFlo™ and OxyFlo™ Pro are intended for laboratory, industrial and research use only.
OxyFlo™ and OxyFlo™ Pro are NOT intended for use in human subjects/patients.   
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  • Continuous tissue blood flow assessment
  • Versatility
  • ART
  • Plug and play
  • Touch-screen display and interface
  • Multi-channel productivity
  • Upgradeable
  • USB digital output
  • Analogue data outputs
  • 2-year product warranty
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