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Thermal Gradient Ring

Key Benefits

The Thermal Gradient Ring is a novel device, which allows recording and analysis of Comprehensive Thermal Preference Phenotyping in Mice,according to  Zimmermann's method.In recent years the cellular and molecular mechanisms of temperature sensing and thermoregulation are subject of intensive research. Some researchers have evidenced the limits of the existing tests: to overcome current limitations we have designed a novel circular thermal gradient assay, for thermal preference phenotyping.The new TGR (Thermal Gradient Ring) provides a high degree of freedom, i.e. thermal choice, and eliminates experimenter bias

The TGR is suitable to test neuropathic pain, and allows discerning exploratory behavior from thermal selection behavior!

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New circular design, ID 45cm, OD 57cm:
duplicate values, no border effects, no
spatial cues

Two heating devices on opposite sides, to
establish a symmetric gradient

Exact temperature gradient measured in
real time by embedded thermocouples

Thermal Insulated Ring-shaped Aluminum Runway

12 zones per side (specular), 40cm2 ea

Test results automatically recorded via dedicated
camera (included) & ANYmaze video-tracking software

Including a set of 4 dual (visible/I.R.) lights

F. Touska Z. Winter, A. Mueller, V. Vlachova, J. Larsen and Katharina Zimmermann: "Comprehensive thermal preference phenotyping in mice using a novel automated circular gradient assay" Journal Temperature, Volume 3, 2016 - Issue 1

Z. Winter, P. Gruschwitz, S. Eger, F. Touska and Katharina Zimmermann: "Cold Temperature Encoding by Cutaneous TRPA1 and TRPM8-Carrying Fibers in the Mouse" Front. Mol. Neurosci., 30 June 2017 ,

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