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Temperature and Humidity Cabinets, Refrigerated, With Lights

Key Benefits

As well as the standard range of temperature and humidity controlled cabinets, Thermoline have a range which includes fluorescent lighting for those specifically researching Drosophila (fruit flies). Within the lighting range are two variations, the TRHL with lighting fitted to the outside of the glass door, which allows light energy to pass through the glass therefore eliminating the majority of the heat. The other variation is the TRHSL which has shelf lighting allowing a more direct and even distribution of light across each shelf. Both the TRHL and the TRHSL utilise high output T5 fluorescent lamps.

Both the TRHL and TRHSL cabinets are supplied in two sizes, a single door 460-litre and a double door 850-litre. All TRHL and TRHSL cabinets have diurnal control of temperature, humidity and lighting.

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  • Models available from 460 to 850 litres
  • Models available with lighting (door and shelf)
  • Precise control of temperature and humidity
  • STAR 700 user friendly 7” colour touch screen
  • Quiet running CFC free refrigeration system
  • Fully insulated to help maintain temperature values
  • Humidity control via in built dew point water trough
  • Monitoring or cable point access port
  • Fully adjustable open wire shelves
  • Fitted with castors to allow for easy moving
  • Designed for Drosophila melanogaster research
  • Australian Made
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