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Premium Refrigerated Incubators with Digital Temperature Control

Key Benefits

Four premium refrigerated incubator models are available in 145, 200 and 520 litre capacity with a single front door and an 1100 litre capacity with double front opening doors.

Cabinets are designed to accommodate the requirements of small laboratories to large research facilities where samples can be maintained safely in a stable and clean environment.

Superior temperature control between +5ºC to +45ºC with uniformity maintained by internal fan forced air flow.

All models feature advanced alarm features for added safety. Connection to a building management system (BMS) for remote monitoring of alarm conditions is available as an optional extra.

Cabinets are available with either insulated solid doors (SD) or double glazed glass doors (GD). Both the TRI-520 and TRI-1100 are fitted with key locks for security.

All cabinets come complete with energy efficient LED lights and easy to clean internal surfaces.

Open wire product shelves have a protective coating for durability and are vertically adjustable or removable.

A 13mm Ø cable/monitoring port hole with removable rubber plug to allow easy access for a remote measurement devise if required.

All models have heavy duty lockable castors for easy moving.

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  • Stainless steel internal liner which is easy to clean and is corrosive resistant (TRI-520 and TRI-1100)
  • Digital temperature display with high temperature alarm
  • Internal forced air flow
  • Energy efficient LED lights
  • Adjustable PVC coated shelves
  • 13mm cable/monitoring port hole complete with rubber plug
  • Self closing double glazed or solid doors
  • Key locks for security (TRI-520 and TRI-1100)
  • Castors or rollers fitted for ease of mobility
  • Australian Made (except 200)
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