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Bone Histomorphometry Analysis System

Based on ASBMR Standard Nomenclature, uses specialized measurement list to automatically calculate over 175 parameters of bone.
Key Benefits

Based on ASBMR Standard Nomenclature, uses specialized measurement list to automatically calculate over 175 parameters of bone. Intelligent open measurements may be redefined for experimental, unconventional or other uses. Automatically compensates for the kinetic labelling method employed. Sophisticated Report Generator integrates independent measurements from serial sections. Sophisticated Text File Generator allows composition of text files from primary or derived data that are compatible with all common spreadsheet-based packages - allows more sophisticated or unconventional analysis. Entire system menu driven and user friendly with extensive help system and bone specific prompts and options.

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  • Extensive interactive Bone Histomorphometry analysis system.
  • 12"x12" active area drawing tablet,.
  • OsteoVision High Resolution Color Video Frame Grabber
  • High resolution 2/3” 5 Megapixel camera.
  • Special fluorescence mode for focus and image capture.
  • High-resolution, color corrected C-mount video adapter for 2/3" CCD cameras.
  • 19.0: Flat Panel TFT LCD technology provides flicker free images and minimized glare.
  • Proprietary computing environment with 2.8 GHz Intel Pentium-4 256KB microprocessor

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