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High Speed Imaging System

RedShirtImaging offers state of the are imaging systems for recording optical signals from biological preparations.
Key Benefits

RedShirtImaging offers state of the are imaging systems for recording optical signals from biological preparations. Our high speed, low noise, CMOS and CCD cameras can be used to imaging signals from single molecules to neural networks to a whole heart. They have been extensively to image voltage, calcium, TIRF and intrinsic imaging signals from individual neurons, brain slices and in vivo preparations.

The design of these imaging systems has benefited from customer suggestions and input from experienced scientists who are members of RedShirtImaging. Our turnkey optical recording systems include optics to couple light from the microscope/macroscope to the camera, the camera, computer and software.

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  • High Speed:

   >200fps NDR, 100fps CDS at 2048x2048

   >640fps NDR, 320fps CDS at 1024x1024-bin2

   >2,000fps NDR, 1,000fps CDS at 1024x320-bin2 - 2500fps NDR

   >1000fps CDS at 2048x180 & more

  • On-chip Bin: Unique true on-chip binning with 15Ke- well depth and 65Ke- at 2X2 binned
  • Low Noise: 2.8e- read noise without pixel correction
  • High QE: 65% without distorting micro- lenses (15um pixel)
  • Monotonic: Single A-D per channel, no dual-A-D stitching
  • NDR Mode: Double the maximum speed with over-sampling that offers significant advantages for post-analysis


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