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The DMT MyoHEART is an isolated heart system for small rodents.
Key Benefits

The DMT MyoHEART is an isolated heart system for small rodents. Using the Langendorff technique in which the coronary arteries are perfused by retrograde flow from an oxygenated nutrient solution, the perfusate enters the heart using a cannula in the aorta.


With an innovative approach and use of modern technologies, this is an ideal system used for pharmacological effects on myocardial function, metabolism, and coronary vascular responses.

Constant pressure mode is easily done without the use of complex system of elevated reservoirs. With the use pressure feedback, the pressure is entered (mmHg) and rapid feedback from the pressure transducer keeps the aortic pressure constant.


Coronary flow measurements can be easily measured by a unique integration of a Transonic flow probe (add-on).


Constant flow perfusion is delivered by the peristaltic pump. Setting the flow rate (ml/min) and the compression arm on the pump provides a constant flow and coronary resistance is detected as pressure changes. Flow stability is short term, as decreases is caused by exercising the tubing. A flow measuring control feature can be added (add-on) – monitoring the flow rate at all time – making sure the aortic flow is correct and real-time.

The change between constant pressure and constant flow mode is quickly changed by the press of a button.


A flexible system configuration allows experimental variations. Cardiac parameters such as intraventricular pressure (LVP) and electrocardiography (ECG) are simple additions with the LVP Package and ECG/Pacer Package. Biomechanical markers can also be measured through added sensors.

ADInsruments Labchart® data acquisition software allows easy recording of raw and calculated signals in real time.

The DMT MyoHEART System – 900MH provides you with a complete Langendorff solution for isolated heart studies that increases the experiment efficiency and productivity. ​​​

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  • Constant pressure and constant flow in one system
  • Complete and easy-to-use
  • Increases productivity & efficiency
  • Ready-to-use – no complex assembly, elevated reservoirs
  • Versatile and flexible system configuration
  • Direct data streaming to LabChart by ADInstruments
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